Siendo el hombre un animal enfermizo, cualquiera de sus palabras o de sus gestos equivale a un sintoma.

13 jun. 2010

Meine Liebe

I remember the first time I saw you.
I always do.
You were alone, looking at ´don´t know what´.
Your serious manner of walking,
Your serious behavior,
Just you, was what I saw...And IS what I only want to see for ever.
It was almost 3 years ago, you were the mysterious guy who I wanted to meet.

And now you are my graduate boy.
I´m so proud of you baby, you have been giving all of you for five years, and now a face of your life had end.
But there is so many things to do now,
so many large and short goals to complete.
But I´ll always be there for you...
´cause I LOVE YOU

And you still don´t know how much I do.

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